Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly Summary: March 27th – 31st

I hope that everyone have a great weekend. This week the cadets will be required to learn Drill and Ceremony movements, Uniform Inspection and Physical Fitness training this week. The PHS JROTC Instructors are very excited to continue with your education and we are looking for ways to assist cadets that need help in JROTC or with other classes. Last, the AJROTC battalion staff will prepare for JROTC Accreditation Program (JPA).

Listed below is the schedule for the week of March 27th – 31st    

Monday – First Aid Life Saving Steps (LET 2) / Performance Indicators (LET 3)


Tuesday – Controlling Bleeding (LET 2) / Performance Indicators (LET 3)

Wednesday – Drill and Ceremony (All)

Thursday – Uniform Class (ALL)

Friday – Physical Fitness (All)




- Drill Team and Color Guard members will meet in room 504 at 3:40

Question of the week:

Who is the Secretary of Defense?

What was the final score in Super Bowl LI?

Who is the US Attorney General?

How ACC teams are still in the NCAA Tournament?

Who is the speaker of the House (Think Government)?

What are names of the schools in the NCAA Final Four and where is the game being played?

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